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Expertise in the Full Scope of Dentistry

In the past, restoring or maintaining dental health commonly required multiple trips to different specialists, in addition to visiting a general dentist. We are pleased to provide a comprehensive list of dental services for our patients, ranging from preventative to cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Our additional dental services in Easton and Cambridge, MD, are a result of this choice to gain the expertise in the full scope of dentistry to keep almost all dental services in our office. It is very rare for our patients to be referred out for care, and we strive to maintain this comprehensiveness with our additional dental services. Here, our patients can find relaxation and satisfaction knowing our team is dedicated to your long-term oral health and cultivating lifelong relationships with each of our patients.

Our Additional Dental Services

family dentistry

Family Dentistry

  • We provide dental services for patients of all ages and we welcome your family into ours! From routine dental appointments to dental implants, we have the comprehensive services to keep the smiles of each member of the family happy and healthy for years to come.
tscan bite analysis for occlusal adjustment


  • Correctly aligned teeth can resolve a host of oral conditions, such as TMJ disorder and migraines, that can debilitate everyday activities. Using a T-Scan® bite analysis device, we are able to target the areas that need adjusting in order for the teeth to come together comfortably.
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Inlays Onlays

  • Teeth that have large cavities or damage not requiring a full dental crown can be preserved and strengthened with inlays or onlays. Inlays fill in areas of the damaged tooth, while onlays replace larger portions of damaged tooth cusps. Both are securely cemented to the tooth.

Experience the Convenience of All-Inclusive Care

Our general and additional dental services provide a more convenient experience for our busy patients. From dentures to dental implants and everything in between, we provide the same level of expertise across all facets of dentistry. This mastery of all-inclusive care assures you will receive the highest quality services in an atmosphere that is both welcoming and familiar. You and your family can enjoy the convenience and security of knowing our additional dental services in Cambridge, MD, can be completed under one roof and by the same team of experienced dentists. Are you searching for a dental practice that offers all-inclusive care? Eastern Shore Smile Solutions welcomes you!

Look no further for comprehensive dental care.