Cosmetic Dentistry Can Change Your Whole Smile
By Eastern Shore Smile Solutions
June 22, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry  

Discover how cosmetic dentistry can improve your appearance for the long term.

Want to feel excited to show off your beautiful smile? Who doesn’t? But if you don’t feel like your smile is up to par then you may want to cosmetic dentistryhide it rather than flaunt it. Fortunately, your Easton, MD cosmetic dentists Dr. Randall Hiers and Dr. Christopher Morrow, can help change all that with cosmetic dentistry. Find out the many ways cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile.

Get a Straighter Smile

Crooked teeth, overcrowding, and gaps between teeth can affect not only your smile’s appearance but also the health of your teeth and gums. Teeth that are overlapping can make it more challenging to brush properly, leading to problems like gum disease and decay more frequently than straight teeth.

But getting a straighter smile doesn’t always mean wearing a mouth full of metal. Dental technology has come quite a long way so that your dentist in Easton, MD can provide you with more discreet (porcelain braces) and even nearly invisible options (Invisalign aligners).

Improve the Overall Shape

Short teeth can make any smile look worn down and old, but there is something you can do about it. Dental veneers are a great way to improve the overall shape and size of your teeth to get the smile you know you deserve. These tooth-colored porcelain restorations are custom-made to adhere to the front of your teeth to hide dental flaws and imperfections for life.

Brighten Your Teeth

If you are dealing with stained teeth and want an effective way to whiten your smile and remove surface stains then it’s time you looked into professional teeth whitening. Whether you choose our in-office whitening system or our at-home treatment, you’ll enjoy flashing that brighter smile. Those looking to get a significantly whiter smile faster can often achieve this with just one in-office whitening session.

Hide Gaps Between Teeth

While dental veneers can hide larger gaps, for hiding those small spaces between teeth we have a simpler answer: dental bonding. This inexpensive and completely non-invasive procedure uses tooth-colored resin, which we mold over gaps and other minor dental flaws to give you a more attractive and even smile.

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