From George Washington to Easton, MD Residents: Dentures Then & Now
By Eastern Shore Smile Solutions
June 12, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
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dentures eastonWhile George Washington’s wooden dentures may be some of the most well-known artificial teeth in history, the history of dentures extends much longer than President Washington. The first dentures are attributed to the Etruscans in northern Italy who were famous for their jewelry and used this craftsmanship to create artificial teeth made from human or animal teeth. Unfortunately, these weren’t terribly long-lasting and required frequent changing out.
Believe it or not, people actually experienced significantly less tooth decay hundreds of years ago -- and they didn’t even have the fancy toothpastes and toothbrushes we have today. What was the difference maker? Sugar. In the 30-year span from 1860, sugar consumption increased in England by 500 percent. This made for significantly more decaying teeth, hence the greater need for dentures.
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President Washington was a good example of a dentures wearer although it is a common misconception that his dentures were made from wood. Instead, history suggests his teeth were made from a carved hippopotamus ivory base where human teeth were anchored. Other denture materials at this time included horse teeth, donkey teeth, elephant ivory and walrus tusk.
False teeth have come a long way since their beginnings. Advancements in the 20th century meant that dentures could be anchored in rubber and plastic-like materials, such as vulcanite and resin. This made dentures significantly more realistic and a whole lot easier to wear.
At our Easton, MD cosmetic dentistry office we offer full or partial dentures, and we let you select the time options of immediate or conventional dentures. Our dentures are custom-made to fit your exact teeth and feature a gum-colored plastic base with underlying metal frame that’s meant to be strong and durable. We will also create a special wax “try-in” model where your initial dentures can be adjusted to ensure the most comfortable fit.
If you have lost teeth, you aren’t alone -- and you certainly aren’t alone if you opt for dentures to replace these teeth. Dentures provide the ability to once again smile with confidence as well as speak and eat more normally. At our cosmetic dentistry in Easton, MD, we take every step possible to ensure your dentures fit comfortably and look natural.
Call our office in Easton, MD today to schedule an appointment for a dentures consultation. If you require a tooth or teeth to be pulled prior to taking a mold for your dentures, we can do this as well. We look forward to seeing and assisting you.