How Teeth Whitening Can Restore a Faded Smile
By Eastern Shore Smile Solutions
January 25, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Teeth whitening. The procedure has become so commonplace, especially amongst celebrities, politicians, and generally anyone in frontteeth whitening of a camera or in a position that demands a polished appearance, that seeing a high profile person with a faded, or worse stained smile, can be quite jarring. However even if you're not a Jenner/Kardashian or Hadid sister, a faded, dull looking smile can have a negative impact on everything from how you feel about yourself to how competent and put together others perceive you to be in both social and professional settings.

Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening in Easton

A walk down the toothpaste and oral care aisle at any Target or Walgreens will offer what can seem like an unending supply of whitening pastes, gels, and over the counter tray kits for brightening your smile in the comfort of your own home. But just like boxed hair color seldom produces anything close to the shiny, healthy, natural looking hue from a professional salon, the same holds true for teeth whitening. Because no two set of teeth are exactly alike, no single product can deliver an ideal result for millions of individuals with different goals and cosmetic dentistry needs. An occasional red wine drinker for example will most likely have less staining and discoloration that someone with a three cups of coffee a day and heavy smoking habit.

A dentist can help you choose the level and degree of whitening that will look the most natural, and the products that will help to achieve a whiter, brighter smile without harming the enamel that protects the surface of your teeth. Professional teeth whitening has become an affordable, easily accessible way for anyone to significantly improve their overall appearance - and confidence levels as a result - with little more than a few visits to the dentist in little more than the time it takes to enjoy a leisurely latte at Starbucks.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Easton

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