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Modern Dentures: The Non-Surgical Replacement for Missing Teeth

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Convenient, Cost Effective, Conservative Treatment

Millions of people missing many or all of their teeth have found a solution to their needs with modern dentures. In very basic terms, dentures are simply a set of false teeth that rest along the gumline. Though this provides natural suction, adhesives are commonly used to further help dentures remain in place during everyday activities like eating and speaking. Dentures in Cambridge and Easton, MD, are made from highly aesthetic materials that mimic the look and feel of natural teeth and are a viable option for patients wanting to improve the appearance of their smile and basic oral function.

Our conservative denture solutions are personalized to each patient and maintain the highest quality materials and most customized fit, helping assure your dentures will last longer and fit more snugly. While our dentures are tailored to each patient, a period of adjustment lasting a few weeks is normal and you will be responsible for the regular cleaning and maintenance of your denture. For many, modern dentures provide a convenient, inexpensive, and non-surgical solution to missing teeth.

The Troubling Effects of Missing Teeth

  • Jaw bone deterioration
  • Digestion and nutritional issues
  • Speech and pronunciation difficulties
  • Diminished facial aesthetics
  • Decreased psychological health
  • Loss of confidence and self-esteem
0 Million
Over 36 million people do not have any teeth
0 %
90 percent of edentulous patients wear dentures
0 %
Over 50 percent of people age 55-74 wear full or partial dentures

TeethXpress®: The Permanent Alternative to Removable Dentures

Modern dentures have helped millions of patients return aesthetics and basic function to their smiles. However, the need for a greater level of denture stability drives many to search for alternatives. TeethXpress® is an innovative solution that utilizes dental implants to permanently secure dentures in place, vastly improving oral health and dental function. For denture wearers, TeethXpress is one of the most advantageous alternatives to removable dentures available today, and we proudly offer this treatment in our office.

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