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Comparing Full Arch Teeth Replacement Options

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Renew Confidence in Your Smile

If you are looking for options to replace failing or missing teeth, many exist that can meet a variety of functional and aesthetic needs. For some patients, traditional dentures can provide an adequate level of support. However, with the emergence of dental implants, traditional dentures are often superseded by more stable and permanent implant-supported options.

One of the most notable and advanced alternatives to dentures is TeethXpress®. These full arch dental implants in Easton and Cambridge, MD, combine the advantages of both modern dentures and dental implants to provide one of the most ideal options in full arch tooth replacement. TeethXpress provides a significant enhancement in both function and aesthetics, as well as dramatically improving the ability to eat, speak, and smile with renewed confidence. Full arch dental implants, when compared to traditional dentures, offer patients many crucial health advantages that cannot be obtained through removable options. If you are searching for an alternative to dentures or simply want to know your options, we are here to help.

Why Choose TeethXpress®
Over Dentures?

  • Brand new teeth in ONE appointment
  • Permanently replace a full set of teeth
  • Long-term support from dental implants
  • Restore natural biting and chewing power
  • No more poor fitting, loose dentures
  • Return to a youthful, attractive smile

The Health Benefits of TeethXpress®

Teeth play a critical role in diet and digestion by allowing for the biting and thorough chewing of a variety of solid and tough foods. With the loss of teeth, these functions naturally become less and less possible. Dentures rest on the gums and need adhesives to keep from shifting, but TeethXpress full arch dental implants are completely secured in place in the jaw bone. Along with helping to stimulate the jaw bone, full arch dental implants are strong and stable enough to withstand the natural forces of eating without ever becoming loose or falling out! By reinstating a healthy oral environment, a widened dietary range, and the dental function to eat properly, the capacity to regain oral and overall health greatly improves. When combined, all the benefits of TeethXpress full arch dental implants in Cambridge, MD, give patients a peace of mind that only comes with total confidence in their smile and improved quality of life.

Traditional Dentures

  • Removable
  • Mobile, even with adhesives
  • Require adjusting and relining
  • May cause gum sores
  • Removed for daily cleaning
  • Jaw bone deterioration
  • Multiple appointments

Implant Supported Dentures

  • More secure than dentures
  • Fixed or removable
  • Held in place with dental implants
  • Possible routine replacement
  • May need removing for cleaning
  • Reduces speed of jaw bone loss
  • Multiple appointments


  • Permanently fixed with dental implants
  • Stable and unmovable
  • No adjustments or relining
  • Supported by dental implants, not gumline
  • Cared for almost like natural teeth
  • Retains health of natural jaw bone
  • Immediate load solution

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