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The Minimally Invasive Gum Disease
Treatment Alternative

Perhaps no advancements in modern dentistry have been as profound as those regarding dental lasers. Laser dentistry has proven over the years to provide patients with a virtually painless and highly convenient treatment option for a variety of oral conditions, including the LANAP® protocol for gum disease.

With LANAP®, an alternative laser gum disease treatment, we can successfully treat patients suffering from periodontal disease, without the need for invasive cut-and-sew techniques of the past. For many patients, knowing that treatment will not involve needles, scalpels, or stitches motivates them to pursue care that can preserve the long-term health and function of their smile! LANAP® provides cauterization and sterilization to the treatment site, greatly reducing the risk for infection and improving both the speed and predictability of healing. The minimally invasive nature of LANAP® also ensures there is no trauma or removal of healthy gum tissue. Patients with a low pain tolerance or those who may need multiple quadrants treated for gum disease may find LANAP® the most advantageous alternative to traditional surgery. Contact our practice in Camridge or Easton, MD for more information.

Lanap No Cut No Sew

Why Patients Are Choosing LANAP®

  • Little post-treatment complications involved
  • Return to everyday activities immediately
  • How laser gum disease treatment works
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The LANAP® Treatment Process

LANAP treatment for periodonitis

LANAP® is a highly selective treatment, meaning the advanced dental laser we use targets only areas affected by gum disease, while leaving healthy gum tissue and bone undisturbed. Minimizing trauma of the gums also minimizes bleeding and swelling at the site. Laser gum disease treatment involves using special dental tools to remove plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth. Once the teeth are smoothed, we use the dental laser to remove bacteria and sterilize the area. The cauterization effects that occur during LANAP® treatment also aid in the healthy reattachment of the gums to the tooth roots and in their healing process.

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