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Preserve Natural Teeth with Modern Root Canal Treatment

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Modern Root Canals Are Nothing to Fear

It is normal to feel uncomfortable or anxious at the thought of needing root canals. The term “root canal” strikes fear in many patients, and while for some it may be unfortunately grounded in a real experience, the truth about modern root canals is that they are simple and virtually nearly painless procedures!

What can you expect with root canals at our office? With modern technology and our sedation options, you will feel comfortable and relaxed during your appointment and will be back to normal activities in a matter of days. Better yet, our training in CEREC technology enables us to restore your tooth with a dental crown the same day as your root canal, cutting your treatment time in half! If the thought of root canals still concerns you, understanding why root canals are necessary and the simplicity of the procedure may help.

Our Root Canal Procedure

Tooth infections are serious, but when root canals are completed by trained dentists, they are relatively simple procedures. We are experienced in root canal treatment and frequently perform this procedure at our office. Your tooth will be completely numbed before we begin, but if you still feel anxious about the procedure, we will recommend the most ideal form of sedation to accommodate your needs. From start to finish, root canals at our office are simple and streamlined processes leaving you free of your tooth pain in just a few hours!

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Why Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

A variety of reasons could necessitate the need for root canals, but one of the most common is severe infection of the dental pulp beneath the surface of the tooth. If this infection is not cleared away, it greatly increases the risk for spreading throughout the mouth and body, causing further damage. Root canals in Cambridge, MD, remove the infection from the tooth roots while preserving the natural structure of the tooth. Thanks to root canal treatment, the need to have your tooth pulled and replaced is eliminated!


When you are comfortable, we remove the top portion of the tooth to gain access to the infection.


Using specialized dental tools, we clear out the infected pulp and nerve tissue and clean the insides of the root canals.


We fill the tooth with a biocompatible material called gutta-percha and seal off the tooth.


Using CEREC technology, we design and mill your new dental crown while you wait and will bond it to your tooth in the same appointment.

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